Promo for a Brazilian Tv show Conexão Repórter. It's a motion graphics animation to show the different subjects and situations that Roberto Cabrini, the host, treat on the show. 

Breakdowns of some scenes with the textures, colors and noise effect. In some of them we used the Element 3D to compose the scenes like the desk, the prison and the city.

First Style Frame
Some of the style frames at the beginning of the project.

Final Style Frames​​​​​​​
The final style frames with the texture sequences and color,

Client: Conexão Repórter (SBT)
Design and Motion: Lucas Mariano and Felipe Goulart 
Script: Jupira Carrara and Pedro Cuoco 
Promo Supervisor: Ricardo Fiorenza 
Sound Design: Silvio Lico 
VFX Supervisor: Itamar Dorini
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