Lucas, who!?​​​​​​​
Hi, folks! I'm a freelance Motion Designer based in Brazil. I always loved to play in the creative fields such as drawing, shooting short movies with my toys, and doing action videos with my friends and pets. Luckily I can work with a mix of this nowadays with amazing and talented people. With more than 10 years in the Motion Graphics Industry, I was able to work in my dream job with broadcast design, infographics, and as a freelancer for great studios and brands around the world. My work is known for using collages, textures, animation, and compositing.


- Working for The New York Times on a project-based arrangement -
- Freelancing as animator and designer for motion graphics projects -
- Teaching at Unhide -

I am always open to new challenges and opportunities to continue growing as an artist.
Drop me a line if you wanna work together or just say hey! 

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