This year I was in charge of making a movie title animation from "The secret life of Pets" for SBT, a Brazilian TV channel, for a promo. Initially, I only had some psd. files of the characters in high resolution. I made some animations of the characters to compose the main animation of the title. As I only had images, I did some simple rigs in Duik, an After Effects plugin, and made some short animations to compose it. It was a great exercise of animation that could bring great results. After that, I received alpha animations of the characters from Universal to make the promos too. So, in the end, I mixed 3 characters (Gidget, Mel and Chloe) I animated myself with 3 characters (Max, Snowball and Nuke) animated by Illumination. I hope you like it!
Animated Characters
(image files with 2D rig)

Movie Title Animation
(My role: composition, title animation 
and character animations - Gidge, Mel and Chloe)

Pets Teaser (SBT Promo)
(My role: Composition. Character animated by Illumination)

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